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Business Searches

This section covers many types of records in which you can find on a business. These include business criminal records, corporate records, Tax ID searches, DBA/FBN records, and more.

Our company has been providing records and location people for over 13 years now. We have a high success rate in locate the records and information you need. We can also provide you with the records and information you need on any business in the US. See below for the business search services we offer.

Business Searches

Business criminal check. $59.99 Order

The business criminal check will run a search on all known owners and operators of a business to locate any criminal records. Often these records will include the following information: Associated aliases and dates of birth, SSN, birthplace information, citizenship, race, sex, height, weight, build, complexion, ethnicity, hair color, eye color, tattoos and other identifying marks, address, phone number, institution details, military discharge information, next of kin information, offense details, and sentence details. You can order this search with as little information as the company name, and a possible location. Order now!


Business corporation records. $20.00 Order

This service will help you locate information about a business. Maybe you need to find out who owns a company, or maybe you need to find out the purpose of the business. We can help you lookup any company in the US. The results that are normally returned with this corporation search include: Corporation type, Status, Incorporation date, Filing state, Purpose, Names & addresses of officers and registered agent, stock information and history information about the company. This is a detailed business trace that will allow you to find alot of information on a business for a low price. Order now for only $20.00


Federal Tax ID record Search. $25.00 Order

You may have a need to lookup a business, or a company that has a FEIN (Federal Employment Identification Number) You may also need to find a Tax ID number for a business. We can search by the FEIN number, or the business name to find the information you need.  Normally for this business search we can often return the following information: Business name and address, company executive, parent and headquarter information, SIC code, and more. If you have the business name we can normally find the FEIN for the business. The FEIN search is available in every state in the US. Order today for only $25.00.


Business Phone Search.
Land lines $39.99, and toll free $59.99 Order

Do you have a need to find out who called you or maybe you think this was a business that called. We can search business phone records as well as all toll free numbers to locate the business name, and other records. Maybe on the other hand you need to find a phone number for a business. We can do this as well. We can find these business phone records and information you need fast! Order the business phone search today.


Dolly in CA (name / Address and zip code withheld)

I own a company that protects people from collection agencies and the debit they own. We try to help them get their bills under control and we do a good job. We have many clients that say they receive phone calls and they are not sure who they are from. So we then use your service to find truth as of who called them. We do charge our clients for this service but I must say we only charge an additional fee of $2.50 for each number traced. So we are in fact only making a few dollars on this. But we added this service to help our clients and it seems to work well. We may be using your other business search services in the future.

We have used your service for over 6 months now and it is great! How does your company find these records? :) I just wanted to say thank you again as you have helped me, my business, and helped my clients as well.

Thank you.

Dolly from CA


We remove all names, and identifying information for privacy.


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