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About our Background Checks.

If you have been searching the internet and looking for a great background check service then you came to the right place. We offer many record checks that can often include alot of background information. You may need to find someone and they may have skipped town and you only have an old address to work with. We can help you with that as well as provide you a detailed report on the subject.

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Many times you have limited information about the subject you are looking for. We can still help you no matter what information you have as long as you have the subjects name. If you have other details about the person you need to lookup such as their social security number, or last known address. Then you have one of the two best methods used to locate and conduct a background check on someone. First the social security number is the very best way to find information on someone and then to conduct a full background check. The second best method that can be used is if you have the subjects last known address (Even if the address is over 20 years old). This old address can be used to locate a new current address and then to track the subject down. How you ask? Well each place you live leaves what is called a paper trail. You may live in a house, or apartment for say 6 months. In the six months that you have lived at that address you may have used cable TV, internet, electric, applied for loans, or even applied for credit cards. These are all considered paper trails which the average investigator can trace back to you and then run a full background check with the information he, or she received from the paper trails. The only way not to have a paper trail is to move to a remote location in another country. This remote location should not have no electric, cable, internet, mailing address, telephone, etc. For example you would be cut off from the world. It would be like living in Alaska in a tent for the rest of your life if you can make it !

Now back to the background checks. What information can we help you find from a background check you may ask? Well just about anything can be located legal, and non legal. We only do the legal parts. Some private detectives may use what is called a "pre text" search. What they do is say call up a cell phone company, or a bank and pretend they are the subject. They will keep talking to the person on the other end until they get information about the subject while acting as if they are the subject. This is a great method to use but not recommend as this can be against federals laws, as well as state laws. Many carry heavy fines, and not to mention you can go to prison for a long time.

The background checks we complete all come from what is called "Public records" Some of the information we do provide is not from public records but can be obtained as we use a licensed private detective which is authorized by law to locate other information that the general public can not access. Many new laws have been placed even for the private detective such as the GLB laws, and the DPPA laws. These laws really hurt the way in which you can find people nowadays. These laws were passed because people were abusing the system (which always happens) and then the big boot came in!


So what can I find out about someone from a background check you may ask? Well it is simple. See the background check services we offer below to see what information is normally returned.



Background Check.

Skip Trace Background Check (Order now)

This background check will allow you to find someone that is hard to locate. They may have moved alot or it may have been many years since you have last known the subjects whereabouts. If this is the case this service is a great choice for you. We can track down the subject using special databases that are only available to professionals to bring back the subjects new current mailing address, as well as other important information. For more information on this background check please see the skip trace.

Cell Phone Trace (Order now)

This service is not really a background check as you would call it. But it can be considered a background check as you normally can not lookup a cell phone number online as there is currently no way to do so. Unless the owner posts the cell phone number online someplace along with their name which is very doubtful. So what we can do here is simple! You give us a cell phone number (any cell phone number in the US) and we can trace this number legally to give you the owners full name, and address. We can also tell you information about the cell phone carrier such as (Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, etc). This information will show you not only the name of the cell phone owner, and address but will tell you which cell phone company they use along with the address of the cell phone company. So we do call this a background check somewhat. To see more information about this service please see our cell phone lookup.

Eviction Check (Order now)

This is a great background check for landlords, and rental companies. This service will scan a national databases to locate if the subject has ever been evicted and the reason for the eviction. This is a great way to locate information about a possible new tenant or someone that wishes to rent some property. You will receive a full court report with this search which will show the outcome in the case before a judge in most cases. To see more information on this service see the eviction search.

Find someone's Cell Phone Number (Order now)

Do you have a persons name, address, or possible location and you need to find their cell phone number. We can find someone's cell phone number for you with as little information as a name, and a location such as city, or zip code. If you have the person name, and the address this will also work. We can find someone's cell phone number for you with just about any information you have. This service is available nationwide! For more information on the "find someone's cell phone number" see our cell phone finder page.

Find someone's email address (Order now)

Do you need a email address check? This type of service nowadays is considered a background check. If you have a persons name, address, SSN, location, etc we can find their email address. Even if the email they use is a anonymous email address such as yahoo, gmail, mail.com, etc. This email lookup will give you the owners name (Not the fake name they may have used). This will also show you the users IP address along with other emails that they may have used in the past. For more information on this service please see the email lookup.
This is a great way to find someone's email address get this search while you still can before a new law is passed the prohibits this type of service!

Reverse Email Lookup (Order now)

So you may have a email address and that is all the information you have. This is one of the hardest background checks to complete as the person sitting behind the computer may be in any country, or using any name. The reverse email lookup will only work if the subject is in the US. We can take the email address you provide us with and attempt to trace this to find the owners name, and address. Sometimes we can only find the approx location they are from with this service. Although if the reverse email lookup is 100% successful you will receive the owners name, address, along with other emails that may have used in the past. To see more information on this service please see the reverse email lookup.


If you do not need a background check but you are simply looking to find someone then try our people finder. If you have the subjects ssn then use our social security number search.




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