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Vehicle Records.

If you need to find a record of a vehicle by VIN (Vehicle Identification number) or need to search by license plate number than you came to the right page. If you have a license plate number and need to lookup the owner then see the sources below. If you have a VIN number then you can lookup the owners name, and address below. Select a state below to lookup a license plate number or find the owners information from a VIN number. These searches are now protected under the DPPA (Drivers privacy protection act) which requires you to have a reason under the DPPA law. You cant simply lookup a license plate number just because you want to anymore. You need a legal reason! More on the DPPA can be found here.

tate DMV Vehicle Records.

Select the state you would like to lookup a license plate number below. The states that are available are listed below. If you do not see the state listed then a license plate search is not available in that state. You must have a DPPA reason under the law to lookup this information. If you have to take someone to court this is one reason. You will see the full DPPA reasons on the order page. You can also lookup a vehicles Identification Number (VIN search) below. We also have a method that you can use to find out if someone owns a vehicle by using their name and state of residence. If you wish to search vehicle ownership by name and location then see our vehicle ownership search.
Find by license plate number
Find owner by VIN (Vehicle identification number)
Locating the owner using the VIN number will show you all the people that have owned the vehicle that you are searching for. This search usually goes back many years.

Vehicle records and sources available online.


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