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Here you will find millions of sources of information to locate assets such as tax records, property records, and more at the national and state levels. You can also search by state below to find asset records at the county level for each state. Assets may vary from state to state and county to county levels.


Public records and Asset Location.

Property Records
Nationwide access to public property records.

Nationwide Bankruptcy Search
Obtain bankruptcy information by accessing the PACER system, public access to court electronic records.

Business Resources
Licenses, permits, corporations and registrations.

Professional Associations Licenses
Look up professional licenses and boards nationwide.

Asset Search
Fast searches for all states.

Nationwide Search Service
Locate Records and Information anywhere.

Unclaimed Property Search
Instant searches for all states.

National Archives
Start your research of archived records.

Public records.
Another great source to find public records and information.


Assets Searching By State.

Select a state below to search for assets and records at the state level. Some states may charge fees, although most are free. Some county level searches are not available.

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Court Records
Access State Court Records Online

Sex Offenders
Search the National Sex Offender Registry

Most Wanted
Government Agencies' Top Wanted Fugitives

Inmate Search
Free Resource for Locating Federal Inmates

Erase Your Criminal Record
Resources to Erase Your Criminal Record

Military Records
Request Military Personnel Records and More

DMV Records
Find DMV Records by State

Asset Search
Locate Individual or Business Assets by State

IP Check
Internet Number Address Search

Newspaper Search
Find News Publications by Region

Birthday Search
Search the Public Record Database for a Birth date

Private Investigations
Resources for Conducting Private Investigations

Canada Public Records
Search Canadian Public Records by Province

International Public Records
Search Public Record Resources by Country




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