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Judgment Search.

Here you will find ways to search someone or to search a business to see if they may have a judgment held against them. Common spellings are "judgement, and judgment"

See below to search our records.

What is a judgment or a court judgment?

A judgment is simply the official decision of a court at the completion of a lawsuit. It merely indicates that the court has resolved the issues brought before it in a lawsuit in favor of either the plaintiff or the defendant. It generally stipulates a monetary award to the winner. Where very-large awards are concerned, a judgment is frequently placed ‘on hold’ pending the outcome of an appeal to a higher court. In layman's terms if a credit collector you owe money to gets a judgment then the court says you are required to pay the amount. The judgment also grants the collector access to garnish your wages, take the money in your bank accounts, and may also give them access to sell your property. You must also remember that just because they have a judgment does not mean they will sell your property. They need to find your assets first! So if someone has a judgment their financial status is in trouble. So it is a good idea to search for judgments against someone before you do any type of financial transactions.

What can we do to help you? We can search a person or a business in the US for all judgment records. If you are about to take on a financial obligation with someone it would be very wise to run this search we provide. You should check the financial status of someone, or a business before doing any type of financial transactions. If you need to know what information you will receive from the search when completed please select a state below, or select the national judgment search.

What type of assets or property can a person sell/ attach if they have a judgment? They owner of the judgment can garnish wages in most state, they can also force a sale of a property in some cases. They can also attach the lien to your house so you would need to pay the lien before you could sell the house. If you was to sell the house part of the profit would go to the lien holder. You can find more information by simply searching online. You may also wish to speak to a attorney as law will vary from state to state.

We offer a per state, and a national judgment search. Please select a state below or use the national judgment search.


Judgment and Asset Search.


Select a state below to search for judgment records:


If you are looking for other types of records and information we are sure we can locate it for you. We have been locating missing people, and locating records for over 12 years now. If you need to locate someone you have not seen for many years then see our locate people. Every search service preformed on this site is completed by a licensed private detective. We can help you in many ways such is if you only have a license plate number and need to know who owns that vehicle then use our license plate search. Maybe you have a social security number and need to locate the owner of the SSN. If so then see our social security number search.

Maybe you need to check someone's criminal records, or find out if they are wanted? We can do this as well. See our criminal check, or our warrant search.

Each service offered on this site is preformed and researched by a licensed private investigator. So you can rest assured you will get the best information possible. If you have any questions please send us an email.



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