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Arizona Criminal Search

Ok you are here for one reason right? We believe that you need to check someone out for a possible criminal record in Arizona at a local level. (Need to search in another state see our main criminal records search page.) We can help you where many other businesses can't. How we can search both statewide records, as well as local county criminal records. We do more than most businesses as we can search both the local county records, as well as the state levels.

When it comes to the local county criminal records we are the best. Why? We have a team of thousands of people in the US (around 3200) people that will visit the local criminal court on your behalf to find these records in person !!! Yes in person.. No databases, no computer searches, a real live person will search these records in Arizona for you.

The subject you are searching will not know you are searching their records so there is no need to worry about privacy. You are protected! The researcher that will visit the criminal courts will only have the subjects name, and information to search the record. The criminal researcher reports back to us then we send you the information directly to your email address. These are real criminal court reported documents.

To start this criminal search in Arizona please select a county below.

If you are not sure of the area in Arizona to search in then please see the other ways to search Arizona criminal records below:

The subject will never know that anyone looked for his or her record. So privacy is no problem! If there is a criminal record we can find it. See our main criminal search page for more info if you do not wish to search in Arizona.

Arizona Criminal Search

To be 100% sure that someone does not have a criminal record we find that it is best to do a local court record search of criminal records. Arizona has many areas which a subject may have a hidden criminal record which most will not find. Many of the best background check companies miss this and only run a statewide criminal search which will often show a no record found. We can find you the records you need. Select a county below to start.


Select a County in Arizona to Search For Criminal Records

La Paz

Santa Cruz


Do you need to select another state to search for criminal records in? If so then select the state below as we offer criminal checks in every state and every county and area in the US. We can find criminal records in every county, every state, and even at the federal level.

County Criminal Checks.
Select a state below where you can then select a county to search for criminal records in.

New Hampshire
New Jersey


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