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Criminal Record Search

We offer below every way possible to find a criminal record on someone. If you need to check to see if someone has a criminal record then you came to the right place. We have every county, every state, and every type of criminal check in the US available on this page.

How do I find criminal records?

The quick way is to order the three available criminal searches we have available:

1) Statewide criminal check (costs varies)
2) Basic
Criminal Check (checks state subjects resides in)
National wants and warrant search. (is the subject wanted)

We also offer the county criminal searches in each state: (Select a state below)
The county criminal search is what we recommend as this service is a more detailed
search service. If you do not know which county to search in you can use the "criminal
check in each county search". This services will first locate every area the subject has
ever lived. Then we will search criminal records in each county that the subject resided in.
This criminal check can go back for more than 10 years.


Search Criminal Records by State and County
Select a state below where you can then select a county to search for criminal records in.

New Hampshire
New Jersey


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