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We are one of the oldest people search company's online. We have helped hundreds of thousands of people find missing people, find background records, and information they need to make smart decisions. We offer many services to find people and check records such as criminal records, assets, court records, and much more. Use our people search below if you need to find someone. Or view the menu to the right if you need to find records. We find people and find records everyday that help people like you make smart decisions. We have a impressive rate of 97% in locating missing people and records.

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We are one of the oldest people search company's online today. We started back in 1995 and for many years we have been helping people like you to find missing people, locating records which many others could not find. If You need information then that's what we are here for. Whether you need a criminal background check, or need to find someone's current address and telephone number we can help. Today many records, and information are found online and across the internet but these records are old and not updated. We use online records, offline databases, and in some cases an actual person will check records locally. We use every possible source and information available to locate the records and information you need. We use the same databases and records that law enforcement use, as well as government agency's. We have access to over billions of records, and sources of information nationwide. We are so sure that we can find records, and information for you that many of our services come with a "no find no fee" which means if we are not able to find records, and information then you do not pay. Give our services a try today and we are sure that you will be satisfied.

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Information about Criminal Records.

We can access criminal records in every state as well as at a national level. We also have criminal records available at the county level which is the best type of criminal background check you can get. Criminal records typically contain name, date of birth, race, gender, arresting agency, court, case number, offense charged and statute number, disposition, disposition date, and sentence. Records may also include incarceration and probation information where applicable. To order a criminal check please go to our criminal search page. We charge much smaller fees than most other companies do for criminal records. A basic criminal check will cost you around $39 while other company's will charge hundreds of dollars for this same information.

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